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  • brush-1-non-slip-gaming-mouse-pad
  • 75751-1.jpg
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Gaming Mouse Pad Brush 1


A Gaming Mouse Pad may seem like an overlooked computer accessory, but it actually plays an important role to provide a better user experience when using a computer. It not only improves mouse tracking and accuracy but also protects your desk surface and provides comfort to your wrist.

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Introducing Brush Non-Slip Gaming Mouse Pad, the pinnacle of gaming accessories. No ordinary add-on – it’s a game-changer!


Crafted with meticulous precision and care, this Gaming Mouse Pad boasts a top surface crafted from 100% smooth polyester.

Premium material ensures unparalleled tracking accuracy for your mouse, whether you’re lining up precise headshots or navigating intricate digital landscapes.

Bid farewell to jerky movements and welcome a seamlessly smooth browsing experience.


The excellence doesn’t stop there. Vibrant colours and high-resolution polyester breathe life into your gaming sessions like never before.

Whether exploring expansive open worlds or locked in intense multiplayer battles, the Gaming Mouse Pad guarantees every moment is captivating.


What truly sets the Gaming Mouse Pad apart is its unmatched stability. With a 100% natural rubber backing, this pad stays firmly in place even during the most frenetic gaming sessions. No more frustrating slips or slides – just a fluid, uninterrupted gameplay experience from start to finish. With its sleek black non-slip base, you can focus entirely on the action without worrying about your mouse pad shifting out of place.


Featuring a generous size of 9.5″ × 8″ (24.1cm × 20.3cm) and a slim profile of just 0.1” thick (3mm), the Brush Mouse Pad offers ample space for fluid mouse movements while maintaining a sleek and streamlined design. Its anti-fray edges further bolster its durability, ensuring it remains looking and performing like new for years to come.


Designed to meet the needs of casual/pro gamers alike. Built to last ! A must have investment it will withstand years of heavy use.

Compatible with optical and laser mice, the Non-Slip Gaming Mouse Pad is primed to elevate your gaming setup to unprecedented heights. Whether you’re vying for victory in esports tournaments or simply indulging in some leisurely gaming at home, this provides a perfect foundation for success.



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