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In the “Harmonious Masterpiece 8” collection, we’ve meticulously crafted a limited supply of just 80 unique NFTs, each representing a digital artwork that embodies the essence of classical music’s timeless beauty. These NFTs are the result of collaboration with renowned artists who have channeled their creativity into visually capturing the splendor of classical compositions.

Key Features of the “Harmonious Masterpiece 8” Collection:

  1. Artistic Brilliance: Each NFT within this collection is a true masterpiece, intricately designed to pay homage to the classical music that has shaped our cultural heritage.
  2. Exclusive Rarity: With only 8 mirror’s available for each individual nft audio artwork, these NFTs are exceptionally rare, ensuring that each owner possesses a unique piece of art that transcends time and culture.
  3. Interactive Elements: Several NFTs in this collection feature interactive elements, allowing owners to immerse themselves further in the world of classical music by dynamically altering aspects of the artwork through smart contracts.

Pricing Strategy:

Due to the limited supply and the artistic excellence of “Harmonious Masterpiece 8,” each NFT is priced at just short of a premium, with a value of 1.61 ETH. This pricing reflects the exclusivity, craftsmanship and uniqueness of these NFTs, making them appealing to collectors who appreciate the fusion of classical artistry and the digital age.

Collector Benefits:

  1. Exclusivity: Owners of “Harmonious Masterpiece 8” NFTs enjoy the distinction of being part of an elite group of collectors who possess these limited-edition audio artworks.
  2. Investment Potential: With only 640 of this class in existence, these NFTs have the potential for significant appreciation over time, making them a sought-after investment.
  3. Community Engagement: Owning an NFT from this collection grants access to an exclusive community of classical music aficionados, providing opportunities for networking and participation in exclusive events as well as 8 years canvas rights.


In the “Harmonious Masterpiece 8” collection, we’ve illustrated the concept of a limited supply of NFTs priced at a premium. The exclusivity, artistic excellence, and interactive elements of these NFTs make them highly desirable to collectors who have a deep appreciation for classical music and a penchant for rare and valuable digital assets.

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  1. Baddadan Chase & Status, Bou ft. IRAH, Flowdan, Trigga, Takura 3:40
  2. Take My Breath Away Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon 6:44
  3. Paradise Edward Oberon 6:23
  4. Let It Ride Robert Glasper Experiment feat. Norah Jones 6:09
  5. Impossible Numa Crew, Robert Dallas, Petah Sunday. Serum 5:58
  6. Revolution Potential Badboy feat Demolition Man & Show Stephens 3:01
  7. Veteran Bou & Trigga - Serum Remix 2:38
  8. Program Chase & Status - Ft. Irah 3:45
  9. Quarterpounder Bass DJ Sly & MC Bassman - Serum Remix 2:24
  10. Sleepwalking Issey Cross - Serum Remix 3:13