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1. Using the Double Opt-In Method

The double opt-in method is a great way to ensure that your subscribers are actually interested in the content you have to share. When the double opt-in method is used, all subscribers must confirm their subscription twice.

Subscribers typically opt in on a landing page, and then receive an email to confirm their subscription. This helps to weed out any subscribers who are entering email addresses other than their own, and in turn increases the quality of your email lists.
2. Do NOT Buy Email Lists

While purchasing an email list may seem like a great way to kick start your email campaign, it is actually a terrible idea. Think about it; if you can purchase a list of emails, anyone can, right? And the people behind this list of emails, do you think they have any interest in what you’re selling? Or, more importantly, do you think they even know they are on a list?

Why would you want to send emails to a list of people that are probably being emailed by a bunch of other companies with content they have absolutely no interest in? And, if they’re being bombarded with emails by other companies as well, then the chances of them unsubscribing or marking your emails as spam are even higher. It makes much more business sense to build your own email lists, with subscribers who actually want to be there.

3. Write Great Subject Lines

Your subject line should be interesting and relevant. Don’t write wordy subject lines. Keep them short and to the point, using 40 characters or fewer if possible. And, whenever possible, make your subject lines personal. Why? According to Campaign Monitor, “Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.” Use part of the subscriber’s name or city to grab your reader’s attention.

Don’t use the same subject line over and over with the same email list. If you are sending a periodic newsletter with the same title, you still want to switch up your subject line each time. Maybe add something about the particular season or highlight a topic or theme for your newsletter to spark additional interest.

4. Let Your Readers Unsubscribe

Of course, the last thing you want your readers to do is unsubscribe, right? Or is it? Wouldn’t it be worse if they reported your email as spam, and/or reported your business for unlawful email marketing? If your subscribers really want to opt out of your emails, you need to let them go.

One way of dealing with this dilemma is to allow users to manage their email subscriptions. By setting up a simple subscription management screen where users can decide what types of emails they receive and how frequently they receive them, you can give your subscribers more control over what and how often they hear from you. And in the end, if they still want to unsubscribe, then at least you made them think long and hard about their decision.

5. Use Permission Reminders

Have you ever received an email from a business, but don’t remember how the heck you ended up on their email list? It happens all the time. Permission reminders are exactly what they sound like. They help people remember why they are receiving an email from a business.

It is usually located in the footer of an email, and can help prevent businesses from getting reported for spam. Keep them short and to the point. You may also want to link your permission reminders to unsubscribe/manage your subscription links, so your readers know that they are in full control.

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  5. Impossible Numa Crew, Robert Dallas, Petah Sunday. Serum 5:58
  6. Revolution Potential Badboy feat Demolition Man & Show Stephens 3:01
  7. Veteran Bou & Trigga - Serum Remix 2:38
  8. Program Chase & Status - Ft. Irah 3:45
  9. Quarterpounder Bass DJ Sly & MC Bassman - Serum Remix 2:24
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