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Welcome to Soundman, The World’s 1st digital independent label to accept Bitcoin


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Click on any of the above photo’s to contact an i Team member of staff


  1. Jealousy Soundman Ft. Noel McCoy 5:10
  2. Blessing Soundman Feat. Antranita 4:55
  3. Kinetic Energy In Motion 3:21
  4. Let Me See You Rock Soundman Ft. Bruck Wild 6:45
  5. Love You Ray Keith Buy 7:02
  6. Mitosis M3 Soundman Ft. Mac B & Astra 4:47
  7. No Strings Attached Soundman 4:25
  8. Chronicles Jumpin Jack Frost 1:08:10
  9. Common Law Strings Soundman 4:02
  10. East Coast Strings Soundman 3:31