Changer Pt. 2 – KiD SMART


1: Changer Pt. 2

Release Date: September 15th 2017

BPM:175  Key:Cmin  Length:5:31
Cat: SMRS1705d, ISRC: GBFEL1700050, EAN/UPC: 5054283149500, WRN:EJNW-250417-1135-00
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Worldwide release: September 15th 2017

This brand new pre release entitled ‘Changer Pt.2’ is a futuristic jungle style built with the crowd and floor at focus as Kid delivers a strong drum and bass roller with progressive jazzy synths and plenty of outer space for DJ’s to enhance their creative flows.

As a Jungle DJ himself Kid has made it a point not to have loads of press shots and gumf out on the public field. The secrecy came from a deep desire to experiment within the Jungle style and just make good music for his fans without insisting they focus on the people and brand behind the music as a priority.

On this cut Kid takes us on a continuing journey into the depths of science using an assortment of sweep eq’ed frequencies along with sounds he developed at his state of the art lab in the heart of London’s King’s Cross. Kid is a multi instrumentalist and better known as a drummer justly showing off, tight dynamic, rolling drums. When the bass lands into the track growling, it grips you to the floor.

‘Changer Pt.2’ is an atmospheric chronical of Kid’s earlier construct in Pt.1 of this exciting and energetic piece giving a feeling of wide spatial awareness, opening with a sparse electro synth, accompanied by a china crash and smooth rhodes which then drops into a very heavy drum ‘n’ bass later breaking down into a myriad of layered synths.

KiD SMART: Pioneer and taste maker in future Jungle, we can’t wait to hear more from this talented and humble artist. A must for the connoisseurs!