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Born in Leeds in 1984 Nicola Rose was interested in music from a young age, she got into Drum n’ Bass, in her younger years this was the music Nicola was introduced to. Sidewinder events were always the events that she use to attend to, in Northampton. She entered into a competition with other MC’s back in 2001. Nicola had never actually MC’d before in public, but really felt in her heart she could do this and plucked up the courage to try. Amazingly to Nicola’s surprise she won the competition.

That was the start of Nicola Roses’s music career…

This is where she started to further her music career and started writing her own music. Nicola was given the name Missy N, this stayed with her ever since. Missy N was the mc name that stayed with Nicola throughout the Drum n’ Bass scene.

As she continued her musical journey, she became more interested in song writing and studio work. Having recently finished her EP which was released on to ITUNES, Missy is working hard towards finishing her album which is due to be released very soon.

For Nicola, song writing and producing is where she feels most comfortable. Nicola found producing her own music, definitely more of a challenge. When we asked Missy what give her inspiration she replied “There is nothing better than listening to your own tracks on the radio or in a nightclub and seeing the peoples response; this is what gives me a drive to continue song writing/producing my own music.”

As an artist Nicola has recently changed her name to Missy Natural and has been using this name ever since. Missy Natural is more for the main stream were she wishes to continue her musical journey. I am very pleased to announce that Missy Naturals album is due to be released soon and there is plenty more projects in the pipeline with other artists’ in the industry on the way. Keep a look out for Missy Natural HERE I AM Album soon to released also her second album to follow in 2012.

Pink Salad London

  1. Wipe OutSoundman Ft. HQ6:33
  2. Nobody Can Judge Me4:07
  3. All The MC's OutsideMC Micro6:41
  4. Feel The MusicSoundman5:32
  5. Your LightSoundman Ft. Hinda Hicks3:49
  6. Just Saying4:21
  7. Love Will Set You FreeRowena De Los Reyes3:33
  8. BlessingSoundman Feat. Antranita4:56