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John Harris

John Harris

John Harris

Founder of The Peoples United Community

TPUC is about the people of the UK taking a responsibility to try and right the wrongs the government are implementing upon us. It is about people that are sick and tired of being treated like they don’t exist, being failed by the government and left to fend for their rights and a democratic way of life, and failed by a redundant police force who’s sole interest is to promote and enforce a police state instead of carrying out there duty to serve and protect us.


Many people are extremely disappointed and disagree with the way our country is being run, TPUC are the voice for the people of the UK

This is your collective, the place to post your views on the way your life is being affected by the new laws, new legislation, new taxes and new infringements to our rights being implemented on us.

What is your council implementing where you live? [Poll Tax, Bylaws, Closures]

What is the crime rate like where you live?

Have you been arrested for a crime under the new police directives?How were you treated? What procedures were you subjected too?

Have you a petition you want us to publish and support?

Anything else you feel the rest of the country should be aware of.

Our objectives;

To unite, peacefully fight, and demand our rights are restored.

To stop the police state in the UK, and to reverse the ludicrous changes to the police act, and remove the forms of control.

To strive for truth and social justice, and to re-educate people about racism.

To stop us being controlled by the European Federation.

To force national referendums so that any government in power can not implement and make any more disastrous decisions without first consulting the people who’s life’s it affects for their opinions

To resolve issues by communicating, learning, understanding, and listening to each other

To provide information that any member feels the rest of the nation should know about.

To provide information about are individual skills and abilities to all members.

These are just some of our objectives that have been put forward by our members. All our members have the right to say what content we cover, what information is published, and even how the site looks. Because within TPUC there is a democracy and all decisions are made by all the members.

Please consider joining us and help us make a difference we need people from all walks of life and of every occupation out there. We also need to do something to this country has needed for a long time and that is to ‘unite the classes’. Communication is very important if we are ever going to succeed.

We have been asked to create a forum and we have had people from other countries asking if we can have a TPUC for there country. These matters are something we will be working on in the very near future.


This website is not a dot com business. Everyone involved with this site gives there services free of charge. Everyone involved also works in a normal daily job and uses there precious spare time to help maintain and keep this website here. I am so grateful to the few that assist me and without there commitment I could not keep this site running. I thank all TPUC members for there continued support.


Please help us to keep going:

Any amount you can spare would be gratefully appreciated.

Please could you send all donations to TPUC Thanx

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