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Recording costs
Copyright registration:
— Number of original songs + $20 Registration fee
Initial product order:
— Number of CDs/Price each
Reorder product:
— Number of CDs/Price each
Promo/free product:
— Number of CDs given away
— Months/Cost per month
Shipping to customers/promo:
— Units shipped/Cost per unit
— OR Percent shipped/Cost per unit
Misc. costs/office expense:
— Months/Cost per month
—- Total Expenses
Product sales:
— Number of Retail CDs/Price each
— Number of Wholesale CDs/Price each
Manually override sales?
Download sales:
— Number of Downloads/Price each
—- Total Income
—— Net profit or loss

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  1. Wipe OutSoundman Ft. HQ6:33
  2. Nobody Can Judge MeMC Navigator4:07
  3. All The MC's OutsideMC Micro6:41
  4. TechnologyMC Micro5:17
  5. Feel The MusicSoundman5:32
  6. Your LightSoundman Ft. Hinda Hicks3:49
  7. Just SayingSam Scott4:21
  8. Love Will Set You FreeRowena De Los Reyes3:33
  9. BlessingSoundman Feat. Antranita4:56