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Fire In My Heart

Worldwide release: June 27th 2016

Feeling Hot Hot Hot: This track is on fire as Ecko delivers a brand new scorcher drum & bass with a heavy b line.

Ecko shows off his incredible production values in the world of heavyweight dancefloor drum & bass. His innovation hits us with a tight production which features his smooth and light vocal performance. This gives the track a sense of timelessness whilst showing off the song which has a very personal message.  Ecko delivers a very modern expressive but contemporary array of timbre, with no signs of fear on his palette of sound frequencies which form his 1st innovative and breakthrough track of this year. This is one of those tracks that gets the whole floor moving.

Ecko has been providing exclusive dub plate sets for the likes of Ray Keith from Dread Recordings, Jumping Jack Frost from V Recordings and Paul Ibiza from Digital Nyabinghi just to name a select few. This summer Ecko delivers his well produced vocal balance dropping against and fiery futuristic drum & bass stomper, set to enhance any club night.

Fire In My Heart’ is a pull up anthem, full of lawful rebellion. Opening with a synth  and varying  bells then it drops into a deep rolling drum and bass with a myriad of vocal layers on top adding a drop that’s so tight it’s bubbles  your crowd will blow their horns to this one.

Ecko: A constantly evolving sound that’s nothing short of a main course of pure excellence. And this is just the beginning !

1: Fire In My Heart

Release Date: June 27th 2016
BPM:175  Key:Dmaj  Length:4:23
Cat: SMRS1605d , ISRC: GBFEL1600050 , EAN/UPC: 5054282333634
Contact: Licensing