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ARMA man I sing, who was the first from the shores of Italy, of Troy, exiled by fate, came to the shores of the Lavinian, he was on land and sea by the mindful anger of cruel force of the gods; suffered much even in war, until he could found the city, and bring the gods to Latium, whence the Latin race and the Alban fathers and the walls of high Rome.

Muse, tell me the reasons: what the power of the injured, for did the queen of the gods, a man marked by piety, so many crises, so many go to the labors of the motives. Are celestial minds?

Was an ancient city, Tyrian colonists held it, Carthage, over against Italy and the Tiber ‘s mouths afar, rich in wealth and stern in war’ Which Juno is said above all other lands, holding Samos itself; Here were her arms, here was her chariot; the goddess of the nations, if the fates allow, The goddess cherishes.
But she had heard that from Trojan blood, to overthrow some day the Tyrian towers; Hence, a people which was a king and war would come for the destruction of Libya: thus the Fates. Fearing this, and mindful of the old war which erstwhile she had fought at Troy for her causes of her angers and fierce pains had not yet had the Argis– fallen from her mind: deep in her heart lie stored the judgment of Paris and her slighted beauty ‘and the hated race, and the honors of stolen.
Inflamed by these things, she was warding off the Trojans, the remnants of the Greeks and pitiless Achilles, and kept far off from Latium, and has many a year they wandered, driven by the fates o’er all the seas around.
Of so great a task it was to found the Roman nation!

Hardly out of sight of Sicilian land they, happy sails into the deep, and the foam of the brine with brazen prow, when Juno, preserving an eternal wound under her chest, she was: “Am I to stop the attempt and am I not able to turn away the king of the Trojans from Italy? Of course fates. Was Athena able to burn the fleet of the Greeks and to drown them in the sea because of the crime and the madness of Ajax, Ajax? She herself, having hurled the consuming fire from the clouds, scattered the ships and the sea with storms, the man breathing flames from his pierced chest with a whirlpool and impaled on a sharp rock.
But I, who walk as the queen of the gods, both sister and wife, together with the people for so many years, I wage war! And will any man worship the divinity of Juno hereafter, or will place honors as a suppliant on the altars? ‘

The heart of the country, such things with herself in the storm clouds, clouds, places pregnant with raging southern winds. At this point the struggling winds and storms in the cave of Aeolus, king of the vast
his command and he chains and prison. Those guys with the big rumble
around the barriers; lofty citadel sits Aeolus, scepter in hand, and he soothes their minds and calms their angers.
If he did that, the depth of the seas and the lands and climate, surely bear off with them and sweep them through the air.
But the almighty father hid them in gloomy fearing this, and the mass and the tall mountains and gave a king, who would for certain, and to tighten and loosen the reins at command.
To whom then, Juno used these words:

‘Aeolus, the father of gods and king of men for to you and to soothe the waves and to do away with the wind,
people hateful to me sailing the Tyrrhenian Sea, Troy into Italy and along with the conquered household gods: Strike power into the winds and overturn their submerged ships, or drive them apart and scatter their bodies in the sea.
There are to me twice seven Nymphs of outstanding body, of which the form of the most beautiful in form,
a stable marriage and I will tell, all the years of that with you that for such service demands it, and she might make you the parent of a child. ‘

Said this in response: “Yours, O queen, to what you wish to explore the labor; reconcile for me.
You reconcile for me, whatever this is a kingdom, you the scepter and Jupiter, thou givest them to recline at a banquet of the gods,
a powerful storm clouds are doing. ‘

These things were said, the hollow mountain on its side, and the wind, like an army,
where a door is, they rush, and the lands with their storming. They settled upon the sea, and from its lowest depths
together the East wind rush for the lightning of the Southwest, and the vast waves towards the shores.
Were followed by shouts of men and ropes. Low-hanging clouds and the sky and the day
Trojans’ eyes; Black night settles. Iutonuere the pole, the air flashes with frequent fires,
All the men are threatened by death.

Straightway Aeneas, shuddering with amaze, groaned, and the palms of his two hands to the stars says these words aloud: ‘O thrice and four times blessed, under the high walls of Troy before the faces of the fathers of Troy! Oh strongest race, ah! Could not have been the Trojan fields, and your soul, I will pour out on the right, where fierce Hector lies, where huge Sarpedon, where it is under the waves so many shields and helmets and strong bodies, the Simois in? ‘

Such gust, shrieking from the north wind sail and lifts the waves to the stars.
The oars are shattered; then the prow swings, and gives its side to the waves; the jagged mountain of water.
These are the highest wave crest; for them a gaping wave opens up the land between the; raging with sand.
Tris wind catches and hurls on hidden rocks the Italians call in the middle of the rocks in the waves of aras– torquet–
back the sea; Three the East forces from the deep into shallows and onto a sandbar is severe, a miserable sight,
dashes on shoals and girds with a mound of sand.
One, which bore the Lycians and loyal Orontes, before the eyes of Aeneas a mighty toppling wave strikes without warning: the headlong helmsman turns on the head; three times driving around the other to the acute pain of the waves in the same place, and a rapid wave struck straight astern. Swimmers appear in the vast whirlpool, the arms of men, planks, and Trojan treasure amid the waves. And now the storm of Ilioneus stout ship of brave Achates, and that wherein Abas sailed and that of aged Aletes, winter; loosened joints loosened, all let in the hostile and gape with cracks.

In the meantime, a great rumble the sea, Neptune, been sent, and the still waters seething, being greatly moved; and looking out, his calm head from the highest wave. Aeneas on the whole sea, He sees the ships, the Trojans overwhelmed by the waves of the plague, nor did the tricks of Juno and the anger. East Wind and West is calling for, and then says such things:

‘Such faith in your race taken hold of your own? My without the power of the heavens and earth, the winds, to mix and to raise such great masses? I conclude that – but it is better to settle the disturbed waves. Post to me a not similar punishment. Hasten your flight, and say these things to your king: Not to him but the commandment of the sea and the savage trident given, but to me by fate. He holds the huge rocks, your homes, Eurus; Aeolus toss himself in the royal palace, and having shut the prison of the winds. ‘

Thus he speaks, and he calms the swollen seas, puts to flight the gathered clouds, and brings back the sun. Cymothoe and Triton at the same time thrust the ships from the sharp rock; He lifts his trident; and opens up the vast sandbars, and calms the sea, and with light wheels glides over the waves. And just as often arises in a great people has risen, the base rabble rages in their minds, and soon torches and rocks are flying – madness supplies their arms; as well as, if perhaps the sight of some man heavy with piety and merits, they are silent, stand with their ears pricked up; he rules their minds, and soothes their breasts, – that way the entire crash of the sea, after the father having been carried into the open
turns his horses and gave reins with the second.

Weary followers of Aeneas, which are closest to the shore, and hastened to seek in the course of, and turn towards the coast. There is a place in a long narrows: an island makes a port with its sides, against which every wave from the sea is broken and splits itself into deep folds. On this side and that, vast cliffs and twin rocks threaten towards the sky, under whose peak the seas rest safely; as well as a stage with quivering forests from above and a dark grove hangs over a shadow. Under the opposite face there is a cave with hanging cliffs,
inward there are sweet waters and seats of living stone, of the house, this place no chains hold tired ships, the anchor does not tie them bite. This place with seven ships having been collected from the entire number; having disembarked, a great love of the Trojans, and the sand, and dripping with salt and cut it into the shore.
And first Achates struck a spark, a flint and fire in the leaves, and the places around it dry nourishment, and he snatched the flame from the shavings. Then Ceres brought waves weapons
the men weary of their misfortunes, and prepared to roast in the flames, and had recovered, and to break the stone.

Meanwhile, Aeneas climbs, and all his view far and wide on the sea in a hurry, see if he could
tossed by the wind, and the Trojan galleys, or Capys, or the arms of Caicus on. No ship in sight, he spots three stags wandering on the shore; the whole herd follows these from the rear, and the long line feeds through the valleys. He stands here, and snatches the hand and the swift arrows, which weapons faithful Achates was carrying; the leaders themselves, carrying heads high with branching horns like trees, strikes down the string, and then the herd, and all the multitude, with his darts amid the leafy; did not stop until he pours seven huge bodies on the ground, and the number equal with the ships. From here he seeks the port, and he divides for all. Acestes loaded in jars on the wine which good
given to those departing the shores of Sicily, hero, had, and he soothes the mourning hearts with words:

‘O friends – for we are not ignorant in front of malorum– you who have suffered more serious things, God will grant an end.
You have approached the deeply sounding rocks, you experienced the rocks of the Cyclops: Recall your spirits, and dismiss gloomy fear: perhaps to even remember these things will help. Through various mishaps, through so we make our way into Latium, where the fates of peace; There it is the kingdom of Troy. Freeze and reserve yourselves.’

Such words he, sick with huge cares, pretends hope with his face, presses down a deep pain in his heart.
Themselves for the prey, and for future; they flay the hides from the ribs and lay bare the flesh;
a part of it into pieces and impale it, still quivering; on spits; others to the fire.
Then with food they revive their strength, stretched on the grass are filled with old wine and fat venison. After hunger feast and the tables far distant, and the loss of allies in a long conversation, and wavering between hope, or believe that they live, or the end of the subject to suffering and more when called.
Especially pious Aeneas now Orontes, now of Amycus, the cruel doom of Lycus, and brave Gyan, and brave Cloanthus.

And now it was the end, when Jupiter and outspread lands, the shores and the widespread peoples the sea, looking down from the sky, so the top of the heaven he stood, and he fixes his gaze on the kingdoms. And sad as he is tossing cares in his chest, and her bright eyes brimming with tears, Venus addresses him: ‘O you who are affairs of men and gods with eternal power, with thy bolt, what has my Aeneas in, you should have only, what the Trojans? To whom, so many deaths, the whole on account of Italy world is? Certainly, on the one side the Romans were to the course of the years, would be leaders, from the recalled blood of Teucer, who made the sea and the land with their entire power on the left, he promised, to carry you, my father, opinion turns you, This destruction of Troy and the sad ruins, I was weighing fates and contrary fates;
But now the same fortune follows the men so many losses, dogs them. What end do, great king, of their labors?
Antenor could escape the Achaean host, to penetrate the folds of Illyria, and the depths safe
kingdoms of the Liburnians, and the source of Timavus, whence through nine mouths with the great murmur of the mountain
it the sea, moutain and overwhelms the fields below. Here, however, he established the city of Padua and the residence for the
The Trojans, and to the people gave a name to, hung up the arms of Troy; now composed peace rests:
we, your offspring, to whom you have granted the citadel, the ships lost (unspeakable!) having been lost because of the anger
are betrayed and kept far from Italian shores. This piety? So we in the power? ‘

Smiling at her the sire of gods and men, he calms the sky and storms,
mouth of his daughter, then says such things: “Spare from fear, Venus: the fates of your people remain unchanged for you; you will see the city and the promised walls of Lavinia, and you will carry to the stars of the sky your great hearted Aeneas; No thought has changed. This one for you (speak truly, since this care gnaws at the longer, and will shake the secrets of the fates) will wage a great war in Italy, crush ferocious peoples, laws and city walls, while the summer will have seen him ruling over Latium, the winter passed, the Rutulians been conquered.
But the boy Ascanius, to whom now the surname of Iulus is added – He was Ilus while the Ilian – thirty great circles of rolling months, shall shift his throne from the seat of Lavinium, seat, and, great in power, he will fortify Alba Longa. Here now there will be rule for three hundred years under the people of Hector, until a royal priestess, pregnant by Mars, her twin offspring. From this it is then Romulus, the tawny covering of the nourishing nation, and found the walls of Mars them Romans from his own name.
These I place neither boundaries of things or time; empire without end. Nay, harsh Juno, who now tires out the lands and climate, in the fear of her plans into a better place, and with me cherish the Romans, lords of the toga-clad people: for so it seemed good in. There comes a gliding by, when the house of Assaracus famed Mycenae, and will rule, and over prostrate Argos. Will be born from a beautiful origin, the empire of the ocean and his fame by the stars, – Julius, a name derived from great. Him to the skies, in Orient trophies dress, thou shalt take, securely, He will also be made. Then the harsh in wars; olden Honor then, and Vesta, Quirinus with his brother will give the laws; The terrible gates of war will be closed with iron and woven chains; Unholy,
Rage, sitting upon his savage weapons, and a hundred bronze knots behind his back, will roar bristling with his bloody mouth. ‘

These things said he: and of Maia down from on high, so that the lands and the new towers of Carthage should be lodged with the Trojans, and Dido, ignorant of fate, might not bar them: He flies through the great air, shifting of the oars of their wings, and speedily alights on the Libyan coasts. And it is already the orders, and their ferocious hearts, god willing; especially the queen is accepting a benevolent mind and gracious purpose.

But pious Aeneas, turning over many things in the night, as soon as the light of life has been given, and decides to go out
to explore new places, the shores of the wind, who holds, for he sees the men or beasts,
he discovered to his He hides the fleet in the hollow of the grove under a hollowed out
closed in by trees and frightening shadows all around; He accompanied only by Achates,
grasping in his hand two spears with wide iron.

To whom his mother brought herself in the middle of the forest, face and garb of a girl, and the arms of a Spartan girl, or what kind of tires horses and outstrips the Harpalyce, her flight. For from her shoulders hung a handy bow and had given her hair to scatter to the winds,
bare at the knee, and her flowing robes gathered. And first she said, “Hey,” he said, young men, Show me if
perhaps you have seen any of my sisters wandering here girt with a quiver and a dappled lynx lynx,
, or of a foaming boar with a clamor.

So Venus; and thus the son of Venus: ‘None of your sisters have been seen or heard by me sororum–
Oh, what shall I call you, maiden? And for scarcely is your face mortal, nor does your voice sound human: Oh, goddess certe– Phoebus’ sister? Or one of the one of the blood? – you be happy, may you lighten our labor, who, when passing under the heaven, at last, who or in what shores of the world being tossed. Ignorant of men and places we wander, the wind and vast waves: many victims will fall before your altars by our right hand. ‘

Then said Venus: “I hardly deem myself worthy of such honor for me; Tyrian maids are wont to wear the quiver,
up with a purple boots. See the Punic kingdom, the Tyrians and the city of Agenor; but the borders are Libyan, a race unconquerable in war. The Tyrian rules the city and took possession, fleeing her brother. The injury is longer for the telling; But the highest peaks of things.

“Her husband was Sychaeus, the richest of the Phoenicians, and with great love by love, To whom her father had given untouched, and when the first omens omens. But the kingdom of Tyre was in Pygmalion, monstrous in crime beyond all others all of them. Between these two came frenzy. Pygmalion, before the altars, and the gold for the love of a blind man, stealthy blow unawares, careless of
his sister; and for a long he hid the deed, and pretending much, bad man, the weary lover with empty hope.
But in her sleep came the very image of his wife, and raising his pale face with amazing manners,
the cruel altars and his breast pierced with iron, and uncovered, he uncovered the entire blind crime of the house. Then he bids her speed flight and leave her country urges, to aid her journey brought to light treasures, a mass weight of silver and of gold. Moved by her flight and her friends, prepared together, to whom, or a cruel hatred of the tyrant or sharp fear; the ship, which were prepared, they seize, and load with gold: the lovers of money, the wealth of Pygmalion on the sea; woman in. Arrived at the place, where now you can see walls and the rising citadel of new Carthage, they bought land, from the name of Byrsa, as they were able to surround the back. But ye are they that at last, who are you, from the mouth, for your journey? ‘One inquiring such things, sighing and dragging his voice:

“Oh goddess, if the first repeating from the first origin,
and thou have leisure to hear the annals of out trials,
sooner would the evening before the day of the heights of heaven.
From ancient Troy, if by chance the of the ear,
The name of Troy, carried through various seas
by chance to the Libyan shores.
I am pious Aeneas, the household gods, snatched from the enemy,
carry with me, known above the ether.
I seek Italy for a homeland; my race is from highest Jupiter.
Embarked upon the Trojan sea with twice ten ships,
mother, goddess, showing the way, following the given fates;
Barely seven snatched from the waves and wind.
I myself, unknown, lacking, wander the deserts of Libya,
Europe and Asia. ‘ No more complaining
Venus the middle of his pain, there is:

“Whoever you are, I believe, that is not seen the heavenly places, the vital airs, you who have arrived at the Tyrian city.
Proceed forthwith, and carry yourself hence to the threshold of the queen, for I announce the news of comrades are restored and fleet has been brought, and in the safety with the winds, had it not in vain, my parents taught me augury in vain.
Look at the twice six swans rejoicing, the bird of Jupiter, which the stroke of the open
air; now in long
either to seize, or down upon the captives than ever before:
As they, returning, play with their wings rustling,
and they have encircled, their song,
Not only will your ships
either hold the port full of sail.
Go now, and, by which the way leads you, direct your step. ‘

He spoke, and he turneth away his shone with her rosy neck,
ambrosial hair smell
from her head, her robe flowed down to the bottom of her feet,
and a true goddess. His mother
acknowledged the validity of such a standard, and with his voice;
“Why so often, you also who are
false images? Why join right
is not given, and to hear and respond with true voices? ‘

Such words, he bent his steps to the walls:
but Venus walking with a dark mist,
she poured around them, and much of the cloud,
that no one should see them, touch them, or could be,
create a delay or to ask the causes of things.
She herself aloft departs white, and dues,
her own dwellings, where there is a temple for her, and one hundred with Sabaean
incense, and with fresh garlands.

Snatched up the road at the same time, where the path points.
And now they were climbing the hill that looms large
above the cave, opposite citadels from above.
Aeneas admires the mass, once huts,
admires the gates and the noise and the pavements of the streets.
Eagerly the Tyrians press to lead a part of the walls,
and working on the citadel, and rolling rocks with their hands,
part is choosing a place for the roof and enclosing a ditch.
[The rights of officers and a holy senate at Rome;]
Here some dig; This high theaters
foundations of their huge columns
the bare heights, they slip out, the high decorations for the future.
The nature of the bees in the summer, through a flowery meadow
under the sun, when the race To
grown young, or when the flowing honey,
the cells with sweet nectar,
or receive the burdens of those coming, or like a battle
the drones from the hives:
is busy with work, the fragrant honey smells of thyme.
‘O fortunate ones, whose walls are already rising!’
Aeneas says, and he looks up at the city.
He closes himself, wrapped in a cloud, wonderful to say,
through their midst, and he mixes with men and is not seen by anyone.

Deep in the city was a grove, luxuriant in shade,
the Carthaginians, having been tossed by the waves, and the storm,
dug up a sign to you, that the royal Juno
pointed out, the head of a spirited horse; in war
and rich in substance through the ages.
This huge temple of Juno
, rich in gifts and the divine power of the goddess,
the steps of which its threshold uprising on
with bronze, and the hinge was creaking with bronze doors.
This is the first in a grove a new thing presented the fear of
show, which calmed Aeneas dared to hope for salvation
dared to, and the better to trust in the world.
For while he surveys under the huge temple,
waiting for the queen, while he wonders what fortune the city has,
artists in their work
he sees the Trojan battles in order,
the wars and the story having been published throughout the world,
The sons of Atreus, and Priam, and Achilles savage to both.
He stopped, and, crying, “What place now,” he said, Achates,
which is entirely in the earth now is not full of our labors?
Look at Priam Here are his rewards for his praise;
are the tears of things, and our mortality cuts to the.
Fears; this story will bring safety to you. ‘
Thus he speaks, and he feeds the empty,
groaning much, and he moistens his large river.

Now he was seeing, warring around Troy
were fleeing on this side, how the Trojan youth,
this Phrygians, plumed Achilles’ chariot.
And not far from the tents of Rhesus with their snowy
of Rhesus, betrayed in their first sleep,
Many wreak havoc dripping with blood,
and he turned the horses in the camp, before they
Troy ate the food and drank.
On the other side, fleeing Troilus, his arms,
unlucky boy, and unequal in match to Achilles,
carried by the horses, he clings clings to the empty,
holding the reins; head scrawls
through the land, and the dust is written on with a spear.
In the meantime, they were going to the temple of Minerva,
hair disheveled and bare,
humbly, sad, and beating their breasts with their palms;
her eyes fixed on the goddess turned away.
Thrice had Achilles dragged Hector round the walls,
gold was selling his lifeless body.
Then, indeed, he gives a great groan from the bottom,
the spoils, the chariots of iron; as the very body of his friend,
Priam stretching out unarmed.
Himself as well mixed among the Greek chieftains,
The East, and the arms of black Memnon.
He leads the Amazons with their crescent
And she burns in the middle of thousands,
gold belt breasts,
warrior dares to fight with a virgin.

While all this was wonderful to Trojan Aeneas,
while he is dazed, and fixed he fixed on the one end,
to the temple of the queen, Dido, most beautiful in form,
with a great young crowd.
Such as on the banks of the Eurotas or through the peaks of Cynthus
Diana trains her chorus whom a thousand wood
On either side are gathered together; she herself
bears the shoulder, and stepping she towers above all the goddesses:
Tempt the silent breast
such was Dido, so moved she joyously
by means of the middle, the instant of the work and future kingdoms.
Then she, the goddess, in the middle of the vault of the temple,
by arms, and she sits high up, she sat up.
She was giving laws to men, the labor of the
in equal parts, or determined by lot:
when suddenly a great crowd, Aeneas
Anthea and sees Cloanthus
Others of the Trojans, whom the dark whirlwind
scattered to other shores.
Aghast at the same time Achates
joy and fear; eager to join
They burned; But the unknown situation upsets.
They pretend, clothed in the enfolding cloud,,
to what had befallen the men, on what shore they leave the fleet,
What may come; For all the ships went to bed,
begging a favor, and the temple with a shout.

Had entered, and the opportunity for speaking,
Axum Ilioneus, with placid mien thus began:
“O Queen, to whom the making of the city of Jupiter,
superb justice to the curb,
Wretched Trojans, driven over every sea,
beg you: keep flames from our ships,
spare a pious race, and look more graciously on our fortunes.
We have not come the sword your homes
we come up, or to drive stolen booty to the shore;
if we have not the power of the mind, nor have the vanquished.
There is a place, the Greeks call Hesperia,
an ancient land, mighty in arms and richness of the soil;
Oenotrians lived there; now rumors
Italy, and their leader ‘s the name of the nation.
This course was:
with the sudden swell Orion
into the shallows, shoals and, with fierce winds
through the waves, surge, among the rocks of a dry land,
dispelled; Few here to your shores.
What kind of man is this? What barbarous fashion
to allow this? A stranger from;
up wars, and forbid us to stand the earth.
If you despise the human race and mortal arms,
at least expect that gods are mindful of the proper and improper.

‘The king was Aeneas: none more just,
gifts or love was no greater in war and weapons.
If fate still preserves that hero, if he feeds on the air
in the ether, nor yet in the cruel shades,
do not fear; You can not compete former office
repents. In Sicilian regions, cities
and the countries, and the Trojan blood, famed Acestes.
Beach winds battered the fleet,
and fashion planks in the forests and trim oars:
if we are granted, his companions: and our king,
sail, to Italy, our Latin hearth
But if salvation is cut off, and you, sire,
for the seas of Libya, and do not hope is left now Julius,
at least, to yon Sicilian seas,
whence hither drifting with, and the king, let us ask Acesten. ‘

So Ilioneus; All together loudly

Then briefly Dido, and with downcast eyes, addressed him thus:
“Loosen the hearts of fear, Trojans, close off your concerns.
Stern necessity and the force of such a kind of novelty to me,
others, and wide with guards.
The race of Aeneas, who does not know that the city of Troy,
and the powers of the men, or the fires of the war?
Not so dull are our Punic hearts,
the horses of the Sun does not turn away, and not so much from the city of Tyre.
Whether you great Hesperia and the fields of Saturn,
or of Eryx and king Acestes,
help away safe, with my resources.
Do you wish together with me in the kingdoms: and to them;
the city, how to set up your power, so subducite of the ship;
Trojan and Tyrian no difference to me.
And would that your king were driven by the same
Aeneas! Indeed, in certain beaches
and I will spare them traverse the ends of Libya,
if he strays shipwrecked in forest or in town. ‘

His spirit by these words, brave Achates
Father Aeneas and cloud
ablaze. First Achates addresses:
‘O Goddess-born, what purpose now rises?
seest all is safe, comrades and fleet restored.
One only comes not, by means of whom we have seen, they’re on the
submerged; All else’s. ‘

Scarce had he spoken this, when suddenly
the thickness of the cloud and dissolved in lucent door open.
Forth stood Aeneas stood forth, gleaming in the light, shone out,
his god-like; For a very pleasant
His birth mother, light hair of youth
the honors of the purple, and the happy eyes of the adflarat:
to the quality of the hand gives to new beauty, or yellow
Parian marble, silver, gold.

Then thus he addresses the queen, and all on a sudden
suddenly he said, “in the presence of, for I am here,
, Aeneas of Troy, snatched from the Libyan waves.
O sola pitying eye on Troy,
the things that we, the remnant of the Greeks, and to the earth and air and sea
, now all the cases, of all the poor, the
the city, the house, as companions, I give thanks to match
I have no power, Dido, nor is there power
of Trojan race, scattered over the wide world.
Gods have given you, if you have regard for the gods, if
be found in justice, and the consciousness of right,
worthy rewards. What took you so happy
Forever? So that such a child?
As long as the rivers flow into the seas, while on the mountains shadows flee away,
move over the slopes, while heaven feeds the stars,
, thy praise, thine honor, and the name will remain,
which are lands that summon me. ‘ So saying, friend
Ilionea asks for the right hand, and left Serestus,
then others, brave and brave Gyan Cloanthus.

Dido of Sidon was stunned at first glance,
of the hero, and thus her lips made utterance:
‘Who made you, my son born, amidst such perils
pursues? What you want to savage shores?
Are you that Aeneas, whom Anchises’
Venus by the Phrygian became the father of Simois?
Yea, I remember coming to Sidon
exiled from his native, a new kingdom by
Belus’ Belus then rich
the destroyer of the Cyprus, and conqueror and king.
From that time on the fall of city has been known to me,
Your Trojan kings failed.
He is the enemy of the Trojans with highest praise and,
the Trojans he was sprung from the ancient stock.
So come, O in their houses, the young men, and pass within of our life.
Me, too, like fortune driven through many
was allowed at last to call this land.
We do not learn to help wretched. ‘

So he speaks; Aeneas into the royal road
the houses, and the temples of the gods at the same time.
Even worse, at the same time sends the comrades on the shore
bulls, twenty, a hundred men bristling
backs, a hundred lambs with their mothers,
gifts to the delight of the gods.

But the inner royal luxury
is instructed, and prepared for groups of about the middle of the houses:
skill proud purple vestments,
massive silver plate, and in gold,
brave deeds of the fathers, a long series of things,
through many a hero from the early dawn of the people.

Aeneas (for a father ‘the mind of the
suffered amor) Achates to the ships,
Ascanius all, asked him to join the walls of the leads;
Ascanius, all the care is centered in the parent.
Presents, too, snatched from the wreck,
he bids him bring, the pall, with carving and freezing,
and a veil fringed with acanthus
once worn by Argive Helen when she bore,
When flying unlawful marriage,
of her mother Leda wonderful gift:
In addition, the scepter, which Ilione, once had borne,
and round pearls strung necklace
necklace, and a double circlet of jewels and gold.
These gifts, Achates to the tall ships.

But Cytherea in new arts, a new breast that turns the
The decisions to be altered and that the face of the Cupid,
of sweet Ascanius, and besides the raging
kindle the queen, and the bones of the fatal fire;
fears the uncertain house tongued Tyrians;
fierce Juno’s, and at nightfall her care rushes back.
What has been said, therefore, to winged Love she

‘Nay, my son, my strength, my mighty power alone,
my son, the father of the Most High God their weapons Typhoia darts,
to thee I flee and suppliant sue thy godhead.
All the things around your brother Aeneas is tossed on
coasts by bitter Juno,
unknown to you, and I have often grieved in our grief.
Phoenician Dido now holds delays
voices; and I fear, by which they may turn to Juno
hospitals; Not so much hinges things calm down.
For this reason, to catch in front of her wiles, and girt with a flame
I reflect on the queen, that so no power may change,
but with a great love for Aeneas.
When you can do this take now my thought.
Royal dear father to city
A young man is preparing to go to a Sidonian, my chiefest care,
bearing gifts, the sea and the flames of Troy
Him will I lull sleep, and on the heights of Cythera
or on what waves have you my sacred shrine,
he may learn the tricks between to thwart them.
Do thou, for but a single night,
feign by craft, and his friends the young boy ‘s familiar face,
so that, when Dido shall take thee to
royal flowing wine,
shall embrace thee and imprint sweet kisses,
a hidden fire and beguile her with poison. ‘

Love obeys his dear mother, and had the wings
put off, and walks joyously with the step of Julius.
At Venus Ascanio of gentle quiet of the members of
sends, and takes you to the deep breast enfolding
Idalia down the groves, where soft marjoram enwraps him in