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The UK Political Parties’:- secret membership; policy bribery system; public, rather than secret ballots; systemic cartel frauds of The UK’s Public Elections; still obfuscated: income and expenses; also:- media, health, education, energy, banking, arms, drugs, migration, snooping, benefits, tax, justice, faith, terrorism, and war crimes’ fraud systems. How to replace the above, with a GOV by informed consensus, and personal consent. Sandy Steel
UK/Global GOVS’ Fraud +72 links;7 on Energy Frauds
28 theses disputing the legality and ethicacy of taxes levied by today’s UK Party Political Class;
followed by 72 evidential links on UK & Global Corporate Frauds; incl. 9 Links on
UK & Global Corporate Energy Frauds.

(24.09.2014; edited: 04.11.2014; 23.11.2014)

1. The UK’s Electors are systematically defrauded by a Mainstream, National Party Politicians’ Cartel by their operating undeclared parties, and undeclared policies at the local rural elections; also super-duper sizing the still so called local urban elections so that in this latter case the electors don’t know the persons standing, only the national parties standing, which of course isn’t a genuinely local election system, thus these national parties fraudulently impede anybody else but their own candidates to succeed across The UK’s Local Elections. Then via these two gatekeeper elections frauds systems, which continuously impede anyone else even starting politically, thereby also defrauding The UK’s General Elections.

Moreover; these systematic frauds of the UK’s Local Electorates ensures UK Local Government’s power has collapsed because of this systemic defrauding of proper local public mandates, hence Corporate Nationalisation, then Corporate Globalisation have been able to step in, illegally to appropriate most of the UK’s valuable local: information, power, goods, services, utilities and resources; which doubtless was and is the overarching intent of these systematic frauds of the UK’s Electors; (Nb. both of the above UK election fraud systems are indictable, and both under ‘Common Law’ Jurisdiction, and under these criminal UK Mainstream Party Politicians’ own actually unlawful Statutory Jurisdiction too).

2. Every UK Mainstream, Party Politician, as early as when they first become a candidate gives up both their own, and their prospective constituents’ rights to make policies to their party political elite who in return promote these candidates; firstly with advertising, then with paid public posts – all which is a bribery and corruption system, concerning UK local and national political policies. By contrast every candidate should write their own manifesto policies, and never by bribed on any policy matters, or any matter; (Nb. This party political systematic bribery and corruption is indictable under Common Law Jurisdiction – put this to any jury and they’d very likely convict; it’s also indictable under their own statutory jurisdiction).

3. The UK’s Mainstream, National Political Parties operate public ballots, rather than secret ballots at their party conferences, in order that the party leaderships who control the promotion and preferment within each party, also can maintain their bribery and corruption system, regarding formulating party policies at party conferences. This is indictable under Common Law too.

4. The UK Mainstream Political Parties’ memberships are secret, both which aids Masonry to infiltrate and control these political parties, without public detection, and which secret memberships aids these parties systematically to infiltrate and to control other places of power, such as local councils, also without public detection, which secret societies, within secret political parties, within The UK Government, is intended systematically to fraud the UK Public. This is indictable under Common Law too.

5. The UK’s senior CLLRS and MPS run a cartel price fixing fraud, where they have stealthily, raised their own public incomes in recent decades by about tenfold, or more, in real terms, which makes them a plutocratic not a democratic assembly. For example, the UK’s MPs have stealthily returned UK Parliamentary Government to being wholly wealthy peopled; i.e. wholly plutocratic; rather than variegated income peopled; i.e. relatively democratic, as it was for instance in 1950, when an UK MP’s total public income for their pay, expenses and pensions was a single lump sum of £1,000.00d p.a.; which is £29,000.00p p.a. in today’s money.

So the MPS’ cartel price fraud is that they claim to be a Democratic House when demonstrably by stealthy degrees they are once again actually a Plutocratic House, which they were before Universal Suffrage was ever introduced. So, in real terms UK MPS now take about tenfold more money for themselves off of the Public, than MPs did in 1950, meaning that today’s MPs are really no more democratic than MP’s were before Universal Suffrage, as they have once again wholly excluded the middle and low incomed from direct representation in the House of Commons, but this time via stealthy cartel price-fixing frauds; (Nb. This UK mainstream party politicians’ cartel ‘price fixing’ fraud is also indictable under Common Law, & etc).

In other words UK MPS today are not only all wealthy, but this time who fraudulently pretend to be democratically representative of the middle, and low incomed having actually stealthy removed these groups from UK Parliamentary Government, while still keeping these groups in the tax base, to fleece them, without representation about what is raised from them, and what it is spent on. So as the LC18th American Revolutionaries said; ‘no taxation without representation’, so similarly in the UK today the same slogan applies since, the middle and low incomed aren’t represented in Parliament anymore. So while these wealthy ‘public servant’ UK MPS now take around £300,000.00p for their pay, pensions and expenses, yet many of their so called public masters are in food queues, and on the street, but still paying taxes to support these systematic plutocratic, parliamentary fraudsters.

6. The Minister of Education, and the departmental oligarchy just below the minister, via their publically un-consented to both defrauding and extorting tax and spend policies, decide what curriculum nearly every UK child receives, rather than the parents and the child having any free market choice, which in turn, creates a mass educational failure and mass conditioning; plus further un-consented tax is mass extorted supposedly to remediate these mass failings, that this criminal autocracy, and oligarchy thus create.

By contrast every family should have a free market choice in education, meaning their children of any age should be readily able to major, or minor in any: trade, art, craft, practical science, and clerical training/discipline/pursuit that their family likes, in order to suit the child’s aptitudes and needs. Similarly be readily able to choose the media, and format in which each training/discipline/pursuit is supplied. So the State aught to have to prove either educational neglect, or excessive public expense to a Common Law jury, before it dictates a child’s education, and then only in the neglected fields, and or the excessively, publically expensive fields; (Nb. The current universal education system is indictable under Common Law et al, as it’s obtained by systematic fraud and extortion, not by informed consent).

7. The UK and Allied States’ Primary School to Higher Education Cartel Fraud System also ensures for example, that every doctors’ training is vastly unnecessarily costly, and is vastly unnecessarily inaccessible too, since even all medical courses could be videoed using just a few of the most successful medical school’s teachers, then such video courses uploaded, and downloaded for free, saving £millions p.a. in live tuition to all UK and Global medical students and so in turn to their patients too. By extension such an Education Reformation could make every: profession, trade, craft and art, readily accessible, with free to access videos of all the best teaching, from Primary Education to Higher Education, and all filmed in a multimedia; audio-visual with text video format, so once uploaded, freely available to anybody both in the UK and Globally 24/7, but of course this breaks these GOVS’ and Teachers’ Primary to Higher Education Cartel’s Supply and Price Fixing Fraud System.

In other words; the criminal UK Party Politicians’ and UK Teachers’ Universal Education Cartel systematically obfuscates the media and the formats that UK General and Higher Education is currently readily accessible in, and thereby this cartel criminally fabricates the necessity for it directly to intercede UK Education, to the UK Public, and for the vast: propaganda and profit benefits to this cartel by such a systematic obfuscation of UK Education, which incidentally also creates a mass UK Educational failure. By contrast all UK General and Higher Education Courses aught to be professionally videod in a multimedia: audio-visual with text video format, and which videos ordinarily should be made freely available both to the UK and Global Public via downloading, and via borrowing from public libraries; (Nb. This universal education cartel fraud is indictable under Common Law, et al).

8. There is the Global Oil and Gas Corporate Cartel; (The 7 Sisters), who with the Global Corporate Banking Cartel, and their associated Western Governments’ Party Politicians’ Crime Cartel, also the Military Industrial Complex Cartel, have for a century suppressed all other energy sources except oil and gas, because the Global Energy Corporations can only make significant money from rare, mostly foreign and preferably dirty energy resources, not from ubiquitous, indigenous, cheap and clean energy sources, such as:- Tidal, Wave, Geothermal, Thorium Fission, Cold Fusion, and Quantum Zero Point energies (see the 7 links at the bottom of this document re the UK Government’s energy fraud systems for more on this vast fraud and extortion).

This fraud means that we are also constantly, made to go to wars, over rare, foreign and dirty: oil, gas and uranium reserves that actually we don’t need at all, so really almost all recent wars are just in order to create profits and power both for the Global Corporate Oil and Gas Cartel, and for the Global Arms Cartel, also for the Global Corporate Banking Cartel, (as wars create the greatest debts of all, and banks’ business is all about creating debt, in order to profit, including to war profiteer from us all), as well as for the associated Globalist or Nationalist Corporatist Party Politicians’ Crime Cartels’ benefit, by extorting and disseising the general population; (Nb. This fraud and extortion is also indictable under Common Law & etc).

This UK, US and other GOVS’ based fraud alone defrauds over 50% of ordinary peoples’ incomes all the time, because energy prices underpin almost every economic activity, and so almost everything we buy:- so check out my seven universal energy fraud links (see UK GOV Energy Frauds, in the links list near the bottom of this doc). I think you will be flabbergasted by the universality of just this fraud. These Global energy frauds and extortion, also the associated terror also war crimes’ are all indictable under Common Law, et al.

9. There is the UK and Allied GOVS’ Fractional Reserve-Fiat Banking Frauds, where High Street Banks are lent about 25 times more money by their Reserve Banks, than they have on deposit, so each Reserve Bank just invents all of this money, then all of these other banks, and it, charge The Public interest to borrow it, then seize any real assets if members of the Public default; yet still these banks needed to get bailed out, by the UK Public!? Plus it’s the banks that thereby pump inflation into the system all the time, for their profits and their bonuses, and these bankers now hold our holdings hostage too! What a destabilisation via:- usurious, fractional, and fiat fraud systems, also by a derivatives investment’s fraud system. By contrast I think that we should switch to transparent currencies, like Bitcoin both which are not issued for bankers’ colossal private profits or anyone else’s profits, once they are established; and where every transaction is publically recorded too, and so it’s much more difficult for the wealthy to tax evade, or to operate any other organised financial frauds on the rest of us. All these Party Politicians’ based Bankers’ frauds are indictable under Common Law et al.

10. Almost all Western Mainstream National and Local Media are now owned by a handful of Global: Corps or Trusts; therefore they omit and distort about Globalist Corporate, Fraud Systems. By contrast if a legal, democratic UK GOV was Est. then every: paper, radio and TV station claiming to be local or national, would have to be owned locally or nationally, so not owned by a Globalist Corp or Trust, with a tame ‘copy and paste’ censoring editor, and scratch staffers. These systematic omissions and distortions of news, are indictable frauds and extortions under the Common Laws’ case laws et al.

11. The Child Protection Services remove ever more children from UK families each year, since such dramatic interventions show them a profit, as they are paid by the headline numbers taken:- and the Child Protection Courts aren’t public, so this process is clandestine too. Such mass, covert kidnappings help destabilise and extort the UK Public further, which is condoned and sponsored by the above, criminal Cartel UK GO This is indictable under Common Law et al.

12. The UK, US & Allied GOVS’ Secret Services and also Global Military-Industrial Corporations covertly sponsor terrorism campaigns both domestically and abroad, since destabilised States require far larger Secret Services, and Military-Industrial Corp’s, than stable, genuinely democratic States. So, there is this Globalist Destabilisation and Extortion Program, using ‘False-Flagged’, Mass Murder Operations, as their leverage:- sometimes called ‘The Strategy of Tension’.

13. There is the UK GOV’S recent GP bribe, where it paid every NHS GP still more money while removing their out of hours work, because by bribing all NHS GPs in this way, these then become more distant from their NHS patients, occupying grander, more remote houses, taking longer holidays etc, thus destabilising and extorting from the NHS, making it break down, further.

14. There’s the UN IPCC Climate Reports fraud: where ‘the terms of reference’ dictate that the UN GOVS, publish a summary before the scientists complete each report, so the science report is adjusted to fit the governments’ summary, and that is just the final fraud. For example, in IPCC Reports: 1 to 4, any scientists looking for causes for Global warming other than man’s carbon emissions were excluded, and only marginally included in the 5th Report, and only because the IPCC had been caught. These are very flawed scientific terms of reference. Plus the carbon tariffs are geared so both the Petro-Chemical Industry and GOVS profit more. So the IPCC is about the UN & its criminal GOVS, also their Petro-Corps rigging the Global carbon energy market to extort far more money, while selling less oil and gas, meanwhile the climate science is politically distorted and omitted; and little or no real effort is made to switch to all of the cheap, clean ubiquitous energy alternatives mentioned in No8.

15. There are the Globalist GOVS’ secret climate modifications:- the US GOV has at least four climate warfare bases, one in Alaska and the aim is to control Global weather using mass HF arrays to redirect the Jet Stream. The US also has a large military based program, for seeding rain bearing skies, affecting where the rain is dumped, which can be used as an economic & or terror weapon; also as a means fraudulently to control food futures and insurance markets. For instance they may increase or diminish the number and violence of hurricanes also tornadoes and these seeded ‘chem-trails’ are very toxic.

16. Water and food are systemically contaminated by our GOVS and by Corporations, with widespread fluoridation of water as we’re told it’s good for our teeth, but studies including a recent Harvard study show it’s detrimental to IQs. Fluoride is a toxic industrial by product, so if they don’t put it into water and toothpaste they’d have to find a less profitable means of disposal. White flour is contaminated with bleaching agents, while Global Agri-Corps incl. Monsanto have hybridized and modified: wheat, corn, soya and other grains to give higher yields and returns, which generally means more pesticide contaminants too, both by sprays, and by modifications; commonly thought to be behind many modern allergies and other immunological and nervous order problems; also behind the crash in pollinators; bees/butterflies etc.

17. Ever since St Paul, most Christian Clerics without any reliable public evidence, have never the less, grossly exaggerated the uniquely superior importance of their own faith’s founder to be ‘The only begotten Son of God’ and generally this is in order grossly to exaggerate their own uniquely superior importance, and for the benefits this brings them which is fraud. Plus, most preach ‘Render taxes unto Caesar’, in a gross parody of their texts; because most so called Christian Churches were actually established by the Emperor Constantine the First; after 311 AD, and he imposed on these churches a dogmatic, ‘ecumenical’ creedal doctrine at every ordinary service, and such priests haven’t changed much since. So, these still frequently pray for emperors, kings, and usurpers, while they omit and distort about sincere, local democracy, and public accountability, i.e. about informed consent, and informed consensus, since there is little money or power in enabling people to determine their own public and private affairs. So most Christian Clerics follow the money, and are in the service of a perfect tyranny in this life, and likely offer false assurances otherwise. Most Global faiths, run similar clerical fraud systems; so they’re false faiths, not true faiths.

18. There’s the Western GOVS’ sponsoring of mass net-migration into Western Countries for the past fifty years in order to aid migration from the countries that these GOVS, led by the US GOV, have covertly, systemically destabilised since WW2; yet when did you see any Western, Mainstream Political Party put into its manifesto that it is going to create mass net immigration and in order to destabilise and extort it own country’s general population too? Fn. The UK GOV says, there are 60M people in the UK; yet even by 2007, UK supermarkets estimated 77-80M, from their daily, food sales.

19. The UK GOV and nearly every other GOV make income & capital tax records secret from their own Publics, to hide that just a few families own most of the land, and shares in the Corps, and that almost none of these multi-millionaire, billionaire, even trillionaire families are onshore for taxes, so they also massively evade income and capital taxes. If the UK, & other middles classes, could see who owns what, and how little taxes the super-rich really pay, they’d realise they’re next, unless they start to act democratically, rather than colluding with their extremely criminal GOVS, & with Global Corps.

20. There’s the western criminal courts’ frauds:- for example, these still impose a legal liturgy of: ‘guilty’; ‘beyond doubt’:- but ‘guilty’ conflates both that the person committed the crime, and that they had the Free Will not to do so, at the time, yet anyone who has reflected on science or philosophy knows that this common belief that we do have Free Will, is wholly unproven, since Free Will requires a person to act regardless of causation, yet autonomy from cause and effect has never been demonstrated in any action. So, blame is fraudulently accorded to the criminal, not to their spoiling and or depriving environment, for which today’s criminal politicians and allies, are likely just as responsible.

21. There are Civil Court frauds; such as the pretext for patents; which is that they promote the inventors and creatives, but in fact with a patent monopoly now on more or less everything new, and for a lifetime, plus seventy years, it’s obviously much more to do with the Global Corporates operating monopolies on almost anything new in society, for about a century, and in collusion with lawyers and politicians. So it’s a vast corporate and legal monopolistic extortion racket, because again, it fraudulently omits genuine public justice; i.e. juries etc.

22. Once criminal sociopaths run: party politics, education, the secret services, the banks, media, justice et al; also expect paedophile and other rings at the very top, where persons have been caught in honey, money and other traps by secret services and secret societies, often at universities; then assiduously promoted as blackmail assets. For example; since Blaire’s BBC coup, its News is clearly run by sociopaths, plus the secret services likely still ‘vet’: BBC, C4, ITV News Executives:- and now that the UK’s Secret Service is so clearly implicated in major ‘false flag’ criminality, then they’re never going to vet executives who aren’t already in their pocket, so only the sociopathic are now ever likely recruited as senor UK media exec’s. Similarly; the Elite Barnes Paedophile Ring allegations, if true, include that the IRA military wing was covertly deeply penetrated by the UK GOV, so it was being used, as a UK GOV terror tool, before the UK GOV started arranging false flag atrocities allegedly headed by Islamistists.

23. There is the US GOV’S petro-dollar, criminal extortion racket:- where US military bases secure extremely undemocratic GOVS in the Middle East, which in return sell their oil in US dollars allowing the US Fed both to gain interest on every barrel of Middle Eastern oil sold; except from Iran (& Hussain’s Iraq, also Gaddafi’s Libya), also to print vastly more US dollars, which, enables the US GOV to fund its military program to be larger than all of the rest in the World, put together.

24. Each tuesday President Obama decides who are to be assassinated abroad, using unmanned drones in: Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Philippines, Pakistan and likely elsewhere, with 4000 reported assassinated by him in Pakistan so far. Yet it’s illegal to kill unarmed people on secret evidence, which is what Obama does each week, which is why this Globalised destabilisation war is a US GOV official secret. Since the UK GOV doesn’t indict Barak Obama it’s an accessory.

25. Since from the late C19th on, nearly all Western Schools’ Curriculums have been decided by a public corporation, either directly, or via a control of the exam boards; so most Westerners have very little idea of the US CIA’s over 3000 covert, murderous destabilisation Op’s, across the 2nd and 3rd Worlds since WW2, in joint venture with allies incl. the UK GOV, and also with private Corps, which then extort the resources of these destabilised countries.

26. There is the US, UK & allied GOVS’ ‘Echelon’ universal, electronic spying mainly to see the intention of those who know about their Globalism, by joint criminal venture, not by informed consent. So they know, who knows, and so then can outsource fraudulent and forceful measures to eliminate such people.

27. Criminal sociopathic rings now govern the US, & allied States; also most of the middle classes are covering their eyes, ears and noses to it all, since they’d rather ignore their criminal, sociopathic Globalist GOVS, if these mainly false flag attack the weakest first. By contrast the middle class and the under-classes aught to be regularly meeting together locally and writing indictments of their local politicians’ systemic pathological election frauds, thence starting a properly informed, sustainable, ‘local up’ based legitimate, democracy.

28 Because nearly every: US, UK& allied GOVS’ Dept is now extremely, criminally socio-pathologically corrupt at the top, so if the Western General Publics continue to behave like sheep, then it’s likely to get far worse soon; i.e. a covert WW3, using; false flagged:- psycho, cyber, bio, chem, nuc and fiscal attacks; since false flagged mass culls of the US, UK & allied middle & under-classes, is this sociopathic New World Order’s obvious next major leverage.

Fn. Since May 28th 2011 I’ve been complaining about the above:- first to the Cotswold Returning Officer, then to The Cotswold District Council & Electoral Commission CEOS, then online to the OFT and SFO, also to 2 GLOS CID, also 2 Ciren’ Police; and to Local and National Journalists; but all of these complaints have been suppressed. Meanwhile I’ve been vexatiously CID counter investigated by the same two CID Officers who entirely suppressed my original local election fraud system complaint.

Fn. These 28 Frauds Systems by the UK GOV which include ongoing War Crimes; and the suppression of my complaints, about it all, for over three years, plus the GLOS CID terror tactics to me, has prompted me to withhold Council Tax since May 2013. If GLOS POL Authorities properly investigate I’ll release tax to pay GLOS Police, so my tax or grants, go to agencies led legitimately, not criminally.

Sandy Steel: 2 The Butts, Cricklade St, Poulton, GLOS. H: 01285-850590. / 27.09.2014.

Below are 34 links regarding UK and US State sponsored false flag terrorism, contrary to Section 15 of the UK Terrorism Act 2000:-

9/11: The Great Conspiracy. The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw. Barry Zwicker:- 80mins. 2004

9/11: 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions; David Ray Griffin, 60mins. 2004

9/11: 9/11 A Conspiracy Theory: The Corbett Report, James Corbett:- 5mins. 2011

9/11: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:- 60mins, 2011?

9/11: 9/11 – Press for Truth (full movie). Directed by Ray Nowosielski:- 1:24mins, 2010

9/11: What Really happened on 9/11? Webster Griffin Tarpley; (polemical/evidential), 3:25mins, 2011.

9/11: The ‘BBC v 9/11 Truth Court Case’ – What The Judge Saw; (BBC is exposed), Tony Rooke 1:18mins, 2013

9/11: 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections & Details Exposed! 2012. Michael C. Ruppert, Mark H. Gaffney, and Kevin Ryan. 43mins

7/7: Ludicrous Diversion 7/7 London Bombing Documentary; (anonymous), 27mins, 2011.

7/7: Crime and Prejudice: Tom Secker (an overview including 7/7) 1:55mins, 2011

7/7: London Bombings – The lies Exposed! Nick Kollerstrom – Leeds, 2011 2:18mins

7/7: Mind The Gap 7/7 London Bombing Documentary Pt1. By David Shayler; (Ex MI6 Agent)

FBI: FBI Fake Terror Plot. History: Judge Napolitano:- 5mins, 2013

Sandy Hook: Sofia Smallstorm: Unravelling Sandy Hook; (US Primary School Massacre in 2012), 1.32hrs

Boston Bombing: Dr. Jason Kissner Explains the Boston Bombing. 25mins, 2013:

Woolwich: Kent Freedom Movement investigate the Woolwich false flag ‘psy ops’; May 2013, PT1. 20mins, June 2013

Banks: ‘Rothschild Conspiracy; International Banking Cartel & The Federal Reserve’: 25mins, 12012; Re-titled 2014.

Banks: The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin; (on the US & Global Banking Cartel) 1:46min, 1995?

Banks: “97% Owned – Economic Truth documentary – queue politely”:- by Michael Oswald & Michael Howarth. UK video: 2.12hrs, 2012.

Banks: Understanding the Corrupt Oil and Banking System; explains the US GOV’s extra motive to control oil countries: 10mins

Banks: The UK Bank Frauds. Kaiser Report: Farce of Scottish Independence; & Life After The State. 2014; 25mins.

New World Order Agenda: ‘Alex Jones Interviews Aaron Russo’ ;(Trading Places Producer) Rockefeller connection, constit’l: 1:09mins, 2007

Religious fraud, False Flag Terrorism, & Global Banking Fraud: ‘Zeitgeist’ Peter Joseph; orig 2007, this 2014 version is similar) 2hrs.

Justice Fraud: ‘I Do Not Consent. I Claim Common Law Jurisdiction’; The USA, Canadian and UK Courts’ Frauds, and what you might do. 10mins

Climate Fraud: ‘The IPCC Exposed’: James Corbett on ‘Terms of Reference’ frauds of the UN IPCC Reports, (& most public reports incl. legal verdicts). 46mins. 2013.

Election Fraud: ‘Local, National, Global Conspiracy to Fraud Elections’ by the main-stream party politicians, & the consequences: 24mins, 2014

Education Fraud: ‘The New Education Reformation’:
The State & Academy’s UK Education Fraud System exposed; Sandy Steel & Robin Uzzell.
Energy Fraud: UK GOV has long suppressed all UK tidal barrages, while La Rance; built 1965 gives 60MW; clean, cheap, local energy, & min eco impact:-
Energy Fraud: UK GOV has long suppressed tidal energy:- Scotland alone has 60GW potential; enough to power every UK household:-
Energy Fraud: UK GOV suppresses wave energy: one 2Ox20 mile English wave farm alone could power all UK households:- 2008, 4mins.
Energy Fraud: UK GOV has long suppressed geothermal energy with hotspots including mine shafts & aquifers across the UK:
Energy Fraud: UK GOV has long suppressed: Thorium Fission Energy: The Thorium Dream: 2011, 28mins.
Energy Fraud: UK GOV suppresses Cold Fusion Energy:- Heavy Watergate: The War on Cold Fusion:- 2009, 46mins.
Energy Fraud: Global Fission & Fossil Energy Frauds;& the Alternatives Explained: Corbett Report: Fukushima’s Biggest Secret; 2012, 59mins

The 34 links above concern psychological warfare, terrorism & war against us; the last 7 links also concern UK energy independence. Contact me if links don’t work, or if you want more evidence of these GOVS’ support for a continuous terrorism war against us, as there’s plenty!

Sandy Steel: or H: 01285-850590.
Welcome to copy this document, but only for non profit making purposes. 16.07.2014.

Forty Indictments re State Sponsored War Crimes and Terrorism:- I’m seeking arrest warrants to be issued, by all police, and all citizens, regarding those extant, who as State Leaders are primarily responsible for the State sponsored Global war crimes and terrorism, enumerated, also evidenced below; contrary to:- The UN Charter’s Articles 33 and 51; The Nuremburg Tribunal Principle VI; also Section 15, The UK Terrorism Act 2000; namely:- G.H. Bush, Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush, Barak Obama, John Major, Tony Blaire, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Shimon Perez, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, Saudi King Abdullah, Pervez Musharraf, Nawaz Sharif, Hosni Mubarak, Adley Mansour.

1. Gladio 1944-on: Fascist/Nazis recruited by the US GOV for European false flag ops; (see no 24).
2. CIA 1947; CIA covert operations since WW2: until Iraq1; 2.02hrs.
3. Palestine 1948; annexed for Israelis, via a US GOV backed military and diplomatic coup.
4. N. Korea 1950/1; US invades – Macarthur’s expressed intent was to provoke a Chinese War: 1 million killed.
5. Egypt 1952; Farouk constitutional monarchy overthrown by a US backed Nasser military junta.
6. Iran1953; the elected Mosadegh GOV overthrown by a US & UK backed Sha’s military junta. Investigating 1953: Operation Ajax, CIA Coup: 2mins
7. Guatemala 1954; elected Arbenz GOV overthrown by US backed Armas’ military junta: 100,000 killed.
8. Levon Affair 1954. Israeli false flag attacks on UK targets, to try to keep the UK in Egypt.
9. Laos; 1960-on: US covert war to support its unelected ally; S. Vietnam using heroin to fund the war. The CIA’s Covert War In Laos: 52mins; M. Eberle: 2008.
10. Cuba; 1961: clandestine US GOV Bay of Pigs attack fails to overthrow Castro GOV.
11. Northwoods; 1962: US CIA proposed false flag attacks on US citizens, as pretext to invade Cuba: Northwoods Exposed,: 3mins, Alex Jones.
12. Dominican Rep; 1963: US backed junta is deposed; US invades, and then rigs the 1965 election.
13. Kennedies; 1963-on: JFK dies:- officially a lone assassin, but more probably a false flag CIA coup. Truth Will Make You Free: 46mins, Youtube, 2003. : Nigel Turner:
14. Bolivia; 1964: elected Estenssoro GOV overthrown by US backed Ortuno military coup
15. Brazil; 1964: elected Goulart GOV overthrown by a US backed military Sarney coup.
16. Gulf of Tonkin; 1964: US false flagged attack, pretext to start Vietnam War & etc: 3-4 million killed.
False flag Gulf of Tonkin Incident Vietnam: 7mins
17. Indonesia: 1965: Sukarno coalition overthrown by US backed Suharto junta’s false flag; 1 million killed. The new rulers of the world: 53mins. (+ Philippines), John Pilger.
18. Ghana: 1966: elected Nkrumah GOV overthrown by US backed Kotoka military junta.
19. Greece: 1967: weeks before the elections US backs ‘colonels’ coup, and military junta.
20. USS Liberty, 1967: a failed US & Israeli false flag attack, as pretext to start an Egyptian War. USS Liberty: Dead in the Water: 68mins. C Mitchell 2002.
21. Chile 1973: elected Allende GOV overthrown by US backed Pinochet military junta:- 3000-10,000 killed.
22. Angola 1975-on: US backs unelected Savimbi and UNITA which then kills 300,000. Dirty Secrets of George Bush Snr: 53min. Youtube.
23. Argentina 1978: US backed military coup, then ‘dirty war’ where up to 30,000 disappear. People & Power – Blood Trails: Pt 1: 10mins.Youtube.
24. Gladio: Aldo Moro; 1978; a likely US backed false flag murder, to keep Italian GOV centre-right, Gladio: Bologna bombing; 1980: a US backed false flag, to keep Italian GOV centre-right. Operation Gladio; BBC Film, 1992: 2.25hrs. Youtube.
25. Honduras/Costa Rica 80’s: CIA traffics $ billions of cocaine into US to fund contra arms and itself.
26. Nicaragua 1980’s: US/CIA secretly backs Contras to restore Samoza’s junta; paid for by cocaine. Ex LAPD Mike Ruppert indicts CIA for Global: drugs and arms trafficking, also money laundering operations, (1970’s-2001), that eventually led to its also arranging, mostly via outsourcing for 9/11 to happen:- Michael Ruppert’s -The Truth and Lies of 9 /11 2.17hrs, Nov 2001
27. Bolivia/Honduras/Ecuador/Argentina/Panama: dictators all US counter-insurgency trained.
28. El Salvadore; 1980’s: US backed military junta kills 70.000 including Archbishop Romero.
29. Panama 1989: US invades & claims 500 dead:- Ramsay Clerk; ex US. Attorney-General, claims 4000 dead.
30. Guatemala; 1990’s: US backed military junta suppresses democracy:- kills 200,000.
31. USA;1993: World Trade Centre bomb: FBI had full foreknowledge of the plot and let it happen. Infowars:
32. Oklahoma bomb 1995: probable FBI false flag bombing, it then got $ billions for counter-terrorism. Oklahoma Bombing Conspiracy: 27mins Youtube.
* Moscow; 1997: likely FSB false flag bombings to justify 2nd Chechnya War & internal repression; v US destabilisations:- The Putin System: see 26min mark. 1:28hr; by Passionate Eye
33. US: 9/11 attacks; 2001: US GOV & allies false flag: allows external invasions and internal repressions:- Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth: Film: 60mins
34. Iraq 2; 2003: Blaire false flags, a 45min wmd threat to UK People to justify war:- is caught by WMD expert D Kelly, & later by Lord Butler, who report TB is misrepresenting; see 2&3 below; (Dr D Kelly then officially commits suicide!)
35. Madrid; 2004; 11-M bombings; a likely US & allies false flag attack to justify Iraq/Afghan Wars. Madrid 3-11 False Flag Bombings. Pt1-4: Youtube.
36. Drones; 2004-on; US GOV assassinates, on secret evidence in 7 known countries; Pakistan Est 4000 dead: Obama’s Drone Wars: Brian Terrell speaks out:- 12mins, YouTube, 2012.
37. UK: 7/7/2005: a probable MI5/6/CIA/Mossad false flag aids Blaire’s false threats for; Iraq2/Afghan Wars:- Crime & Prejudice: T Secker: 1:55mins, YouTube 2011
38. US 2001-onwards: ‘FBI Fake Terror Plot History’ (in 17 cases since 2001):- by US Judge Napolitano: 5mins, YouTube, 2013.
39. US;2010-on: US GOV & allies attack: Manning/Wick leaks/Jullian Assange & NSA Ed Snowden:- ‘Assange speech censored by Oxford Union’: 21mins, 2013.
40. Syria; 2013: US/UK/Saudi/Israeli GOVS WMD pretext to attack Syrian GOV probably a false flag:- Syrian Civil War search, at: ‘Corbett Report’: 8 videos, 2013.
The Future: state sponsored false flag ‘NBC’ attacks? EMP? 44mins. Corbett Report. ‘The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks?’ 16mins.
Six Special Global War Criminal Conspiracy Indictments, plus 1 Judgement:-
1. My indictment: David Cameron as a principal, war criminal; as he isn’t going after anyone responsible for the 40 war crimes and terrorism attacks enumerated above; incl. no 36 concerning ongoing mass assassinations, using secret evidence and drones: so, he is in ‘joint enterprise’ regarding, all the 40 war/terror crimes enumerated above, & more below including the contrary to:- The UN Charter’s Articles 33 & 51; The Nuremburg Principles 1-9; Section 15, the UK Terrorism Act 2000 and many other domestic laws.
2. Global Research Indictment: ‘Why Blair is a war criminal who should be on trial in the Haig’; 2012:
3. Major General Wesley Clark’s indictment: Rumsfeld’s et al; Pentagon War Crime Plans 2001/6:- reveals that in 2001 the US GOV intended to invade 7 countries in 5 years! : 7mins. 2007.
4. Noam Chomsky’s indictment: all extant USA Presidents “war criminals” in “full discussion with Jeremy Scahill, & Amy Goodman”: see the 49min mark. 57mins; 2013.
5. Annie Machon’s indictment: this former MI5 Officer talks about illegal false flag operations; 9/11, London, Madrid : uploaded 2009, 9mins.
6. Ex Senator Mike Gravel’s indictment: Barak Obama a “war criminal”: ‘World fears US as a war-hungry drunk’: see the 4 minute mark. 12mins, Nov 2011
Malaysian Tribunal Judgment: ‘Bush and Blair found guilty of war crimes’; (PDF), Nov 2011:


2009: Tamiflue: Bush and Rumsfeld’s Tamiflue Hoax: Donald Rumsfeld’s links to company behind Tamiflu: Article.
2009: Rumsfeld pushed: Tamiflu and Aspartame; also NUCS to N Korea, Iran, Pakistan; WMD to Iraq. Meet Donald Rumsfelt:- 1.07hrs Podcast + docs 2009.
2011: Libya, and Bengasi: Libya War: What They Don’t Want You To Know; 10mins. Plus 6 other videos; and 3 articles by James Corbett, all at; 2011-2014.
2012: Philippines: N/a at the moment
2013: CIA is the top Global drugs-arms trafficker, money launderer, and oil seizer; in Columbia, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Kurdistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan:- Truth and Lies of 9:11… Conspiracy CIA Drugs. Mike Ruppert:- 2.17hrs, Nov 2001.
2013. CIA is drugs launderer 1970’s-2014. U.S. subsidizes the Illegal Drug Trade, which Buys the Banks, by Ron Paul: 1970’s-2014 9mins 1988.
2013: Mali: N/a at the moment.
2014: Isis/IS article by Nafeez Ahmed, September 13th 2014:- How the West Created Isis/IS:- Article 2014.
2014: Isis/IS:- article and video by James Corbett Sept 6th 2014:- Who is ISIS? An open source investigation:-
2014: Ukraine; 5 articles, and 3 videos by James Corbett, including, Foreign Intervention and the Ukraine Crisis 12mins, all at:- all in 2014.
2014: Two Malaysian Boeings go down within months – too much to be coincidence. One likely motive is for NATO as pretext for a war with Russia, and Russian separatists in E Ukraine, which holds oil and gas fields. Another motive could be that the Malaysia War Crimes Tribunal has indicted Blair and Bush; so the plane attacks, are also to get the Malaysian GOV to stop relaying that indictment to the International Court at the Haig? Crashes of Convenience. MH17, MH370 1.07hts Corbett Report 2014
2014. Ebola: Ebola: Panic or Pandemic? – An open source investigation, by James Corbett; article includes a video:-
Bitcoin Currency: How Bitcoin is developing in Venezuela; by Corbett Report:-
Federal Reserve: A Century of Enslavement; and other videos; by Corbett Report:-
Ukraine:- Rick Rozoff of Stop NATO International, warns that a NATO v Russian War is inevitable:- Corbett Report: 12th Feb 2015 by audio feed; 20min
Corbett Report: James Corbett’s dramatised insight into the US Shadow Government’s False Flag Matrix from at least the 1930’s till today: Episode 302 – How To Free Your Tax Cattle 25mins 2015
Alex Jones: “Joel Skousen Tsarnaev Brothers Were Set Up” & much more: 45min 2013. youtube:
Ex Naval Fighter Pilot & False Flag investigator Joel Skouson talks with Alex Jones re the Boston Marathon, False Flag Bombs (2013) and about the FBI Oklahoma False Flag Bombing; 1995, then about The 9/11; 2001 False Flag.
Also about the Putin False Flag Moscow Apartment Block Bombings; 1999, and about Putin’s Russian Beslan School False Flag Attack; 2004 – in order to portray Chechnian Rebels as crazy Muslim ‘boogie men’ to the average Russian. Hence on these false pretexts Putin re-asserted a much stronger Russian State control, in the wake of Yeltsin who had allowed the CIA, under Operations Hammer and Gladio B, also the Western Banks to finance a Russian Oligarchy to expropriate Russia’s natural assets from The State, thereafter exploiting normal Russians for extreme private profit.
(Note how these CIA and Western finance backed Russian Oligarchs now live in Mayfair, Hampstead and Knightsbridge and own such as football clubs and newspapers like The Independent; (due to UK ‘Civil Law’s’ Non-Dom Tax rule loophole where foreign millionaires and billionaires can be UK Residents, but not pay UK Income and Capital Taxes, so they’re likely paying 1% income tax or less, in tax havens, but buying up British businesses and property from people who have been paying 50% income and capital taxes – this ‘destabilises’ the UK in the interests of a Global Oligopoly – in what that oligopoly and its minions sometimes call: “The Strategy of Tension” with its S&M undertones ):-

Summary: i think a reassertion of a ready access by all UK complainants and defendants to Jury Trial, Common Law, plus a reform of our now comprehensively criminal Representative Democracy would help to wrestle UK Governmental control back from a comprehensively criminal Globalist Oligopoly who use both staged terrorism and staged major warfare for their own profit and power, towards community ‘informed consensus’ & personal ‘informed consent’.

I do report all these evident elitist crimes to the Gloucestershire Police (their Force Control Room) who so far won’t even register these as crime complaints:- that’s the World we really live in today – that’s why groups such as the British Constitution Group and news outlets like UK Column are important: that’s why reasserting a ready access to Jury Trial Common Law is very important and least to activists like me.

(Suppressed link list:- Suppressed link:- CIA: drug money, bank laundering, 9/11 linked; Mike Ruppert: 2.17hrs, Nov 2001. This link, is suppressed on youtube 1st alt as link 3 above, 2nd alt is split into 6 pts ).

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