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ECKO Fire In My Heart Worldwide release: June 27th 2016 Feeling Hot Hot Hot: This track is on fire as Ecko delivers a brand new scorcher drum & bass with a heavy b line. Ecko shows off his incredible production values in the world of heavyweight dancefloor drum & bass. His innovation hits us with a tight production which features his smooth and light vocal performance. This gives the track a sense of timelessness whilst showing off the song which has a very personal message.  Ecko delivers a very modern expressive but contemporary array of timbre, with no signs of fear on his palette of sound frequencies which form his 1st innovative and breakthrough track of this year. This is one of those tracks that gets the whole floor moving. Ecko has been providing exclusive dub plate sets for the likes of Ray Keith from Dread Recordings, Jumping Jack Frost from V Recordings and Paul Ibiza from Digital Nyabinghi just to […]

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Soundman Ft. Kayla Inside Of You Worldwide release: June 20th 2016 Summer smash: This track is set to be a smash this summer as Soundman delivers a classic drum & bass style with a heavy bassline and ambient bells which are reminiscent of Andy C’s ‘Origin Unknown’ but not sampled from him as the bells where originally recorded as part of the 1989 Soundman classic ‘Journey’ a track with no drums. Soundman in his constant effort to innovate hits us with a tight production which features the amazingly super strong vocal performance by Kayla Amour who show’s off the song and brings a sense of joy whilst she sends a positive message of self development.  Kayla unlock’s the musical grid to colour the creative fray with one of the most contemporary, innovative and breakthrough tracks this year. This track you’ll play all summer to boost your crowd. Kayla a renowned backing vocalist sang bv’s […]

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Soundman Ft. Jack Pescod Classical Dub  (Return Of The i ) Worldwide release: June 13th 2016 A scorcher of praise for the spirit of dubwise: Soundman delivers an intelligent and shockingly  tight mini Opus Requiem with grace as he revisits the Classical period. The central norms of this tradition became codified between 1550 and 1900, known as the common practice period. This piece shows off Soundman’s composition, arrangement and production skills as well as the truly deep understanding of both the Jungle and Classical genres which by the sheer idea shouldn’t really mix together but he has managed to achieve this with ease. The rhythm section including the drums ad libitum ornamentation, frequently heard in non-European art music and in dub, jazz, blues and popular music. When you draw for this dub, your set will be propelled into the hemisphere. On this cut Soundman sets the production with a rolling heavy bass-line staying true to his jungle […]

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Vincent Nap Need More Love Worldwide release: June 6th 2016 Next level heaviness: Vincent Nap is now an official member of the Soundman Records family. He’s entered the creative fray with one of the most uplifting, rugged club bangers you’ll play all year. A decorated sound scientist for well over 10 years, what Vincent Nap doesn’t know about explosive feel good song composition. truly isn’t worth knowing. His collaboration with Soundman shows off his diversity and knowledge of working the crowd. Be it radio, TV, festivals or live with his stunning anthem example of roots vocals on D&B. Vincent Nap has a soulful R&B style which blends exceptionally well and speaks volumes. Soundman sets the production with a rolling heavy bass-line staying true to his jungle hit making style. Each and every Vincent Nap production stops the very best D&B producers in their tracks, making them rethink their game. Naturally […]