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Soundman A Way Worldwide release: May 30th 2016 Break through cut: Following long days and nights, graveyard shifts with various artistes in the studio, online and live, Soundman finally kicks off this year’s release schedule’. He open’s the musical matrix to colour the creative fray with one of the most contemporary, innovative tracks this year. His daughter wrote the anthem styled “A Way” on her iPhone using a fully paid version of the much revered app Launchpad before taking it into the studio where she put down the vocal. Soundman in particular, plays all the right moves sonically while producing a scorcher you’ll play to boost your set. A decorated composer of film and TV, and hit maker for well over 10 years, what Soundman doesn’t know about exciting production and composition. truly isn’t worth knowing. His collaboration with his daughter shows off her sophistication. ‘A Way’ is a we the people’s, this is […]

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Katherine Johnson, a mathematician responsible for putting men on the moon. A math genius, Johnson entered West Virginia State University, a Historically Black College, at age 15. While there, professors at the campus competed to have the brilliant young woman in their classes. Dr. William W. Schiefflin Claytor, who earned his Bachelors and Masters in Mathematics at Howard University, told the bright young woman that she would make a great Research Mathematician, and set about teaching her all that he knew. She took every Math class that the university offered, and her young professor and mentor even created an Analytic Geometry class, specifically for her, that she alone took. It all paid off. She arrived at National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, the predecessor to NASA, after the organization had begun looking for women to work as “computers.” At this time, electronic computing was still in its early stages and human […]

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Antonio Raggafunk’s Label Celebrates 25 years of True Independence Photography by Nick Minton Proudly independent common law record label, Soundman Records are celebrating their 25th anniversary. Having played a major part in shaping the musical landscape of the nineties and onwards, Soundman Records will commemorate their quarter of a century with a bang! The iconic British label was set up in 1991 by Antonio Raggafunk and Rachel Hislock, later joined by Raymond ‘Micro’ Wright and Lesley ‘Bandwydth’ Moorse. Soundman became much more than a label – introducing a new genre of music, artistes and culture to a whole generation. Having founded The Solar Station, they changed the face of 90s with audio downloads and launched what was then the very 1st download site on the then very new world wide web and thus The Solar Station  is the cultural hub it is today with well over 30,000 unique visits per day. Back then […]