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Of  all the Treaty’s this is the 1st and oldest of the laws of the land – Antonio 18/1/16 Treaty of Peace & Friendship 1787 Between Morocco and The United States To all persons to whom these presents shall come or be made known- WHEREAS the United States of America in Congress assembled by their Commission bearing date the twelfth day of May One Thousand, Seven- Hundred and Eighty-Four thought proper to constitute John Adams, Ben- jamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson their Ministers Plenipotentiary, giving to them or a Majority of them full powers to confer, treat & nego- tiate with the Ambassador, Minister or Commissioner of His Majesty the Emperor of Morocco concerning a Treaty of Amity and Commerce, to make & receive propositions for such Treaty and to conclude and sign the same, transmitting to the United States in Congress assembled for their final Ratification. And by one other commission […]

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FREEDOM RIVER What is a Birth Certificate? Your birth documentation should be straightforward and transparent, however it soon becomes the most complex and secretive paper trail imaginable. This alone suggests a long history of corruption. The process involves a maze of secret Trusts and various parts of legislation, focused on claiming your Estate. The modern “Birth Certificate” began as a “Settlement Certificate” issued in England in 1837 to officially record the poor (paupers), granting basic rights to benefits in exchange for recognition of their status as owned “property”, lawful slaves, also known as indentured servants and bondsmen. A child’s birthplace was its place of “settlement,” where its bond began. Thus, a “settlement” is equivalent to a voluntary slave plantation. Since 1933, all New Zealanders have been required by statute to have a Birth Certificate, and a tax identification number. Since 1990, under the United Nations and the World Health Organisation […]

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Article 61 But since we have granted all these things aforesaid, for GOD, and for the amendment of our kingdom, and for the better extinguishing the discord which has arisen between us and our Barons, we being desirous that these things should possess entire and unshaken stability for ever[1], give and grant to them the security underwritten[2]; namely, that the Barons may elect twenty-five Barons of the kingdom[3], whom they please, who shall with their whole power, observe, keep, and cause to be observed, the peace and liberties which we have granted to them[4], and have confirmed by this our present charter, in this manner: that is to say, if we, or our Justiciary, or our bailiffs, or any of our officers, shall have injured any one in any thing, or shall have violated any article of the peace or security[5], and the injury shall have been shown to four […]

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“The Two United States and the Law” Our forefathers, weary of the oppressive measures that King George III’s government forced upon them, in common declared their independence from England in 1776. They were not expected to be successful in that resistance. The moneyed people had backed England for two major reasons. First, our forefathers wanted a rigid, written Constitution “set in concrete.” They were familiar with the so-called Constitution of England which consisted largely of customs, precedents, traditions, and understandings, often vague and always flexible. They wanted the principle of English common law, that an act done by any official person or law-making body beyond his or its legal competence was simply void. Second, the thirteen little colonies desired to base their union on substance (gold and silver) — real money. They well knew how the despotic governments of Europe were mortgaged to the hilt — lock, stock, and barrel, […]

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