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Stone Of Destiny by Third i Home

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SOUNDMAN  Common Law Strings   Worldwide release: March 10th 2017 This state of the art, energetic crowd pleaser kick’s off this years releases from Soundman who delivers an intelligent and stunning Drum & Bass Opus Requiem with adroitness as he pushes the envelope and boundaries of classical dub into the future. This piece really shows off Soundman’s composition, arrangement and production skills as well as the truly deep understanding of both the DnB and Classical genres, which by the sheer idea shouldn’t really mix together, but he has managed to achieve this with ease. The rhythm section including the drums ad libitum ornamentation, frequently heard in dub, jazz, blues and popular music. When you draw for this dub, your set will be propelled into the stratosphere. On this cut Soundman sets the production bar high with a rolling heavy bass-line staying true to his jungle hit making standard. A classic drum & bass style with sweep eq’ed […]

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Kid Smart Changer Worldwide release: July 18th 2016 Talentum: A brand new futuristic Drum & Bass debut release from DJ Kid Smart, the latest featured signing to the Soundman stable. Entitled ‘Changer’ (as in game changer) is a new futuristic jungle dub track built with the floor at focus this track delivers a full flow heavy drum break with plenty of space for dj’s to enhance their creative flows as cutting in and out of this track is a real joy it gives variety and flavour to any other track its mixed in or out of. Kid Smart pays close attention to the strong bassline which gives the amen break snare a sharp crisp attack whilst the pads are reminiscent of the early 90’s LTJ Bookem and Andy C sets with rolling beats. This is a dj tool and will work with various tempos and various drum patterns a total summer […]

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Soundman i Am Worldwide release: July 11th 2016 Summer delight: Drum & Bass from Soundman with no holding back on the live and atmospheric array of sweep eq’d frequencies with new compression techniques and wide range in timbre’s. In this track is a combination of strings and pads with a natural flute playing a horn line that complements the driving bass which plays  a sparse but hooked pattern. Soundman delivers a Jungled out drum & bass piece in his constant effort to innovate, pushing the boundaries with a tight arrangement and strong production which features the scientific vocodered voice of reason from Soundman with strings arranged by HQ and percussion from UK G scene pioneer’s T-Lox. This track you’ll play all summer to close your set. HQ a renowned producer from West London one half of the Soul 2 Soul production team T-Lox, had the 1st ragga hip hop national number one in France and another 12 countries with […]

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Soundman A Way Worldwide release: May 30th 2016 Break through cut: Following long days and nights, graveyard shifts with various artistes in the studio, online and live, Soundman finally kicks off this year’s release schedule’. He open’s the musical matrix to colour the creative fray with one of the most contemporary, innovative tracks this year. His daughter wrote the anthem styled “A Way” on her iPhone using a fully paid version of the much revered app Launchpad before taking it into the studio where she put down the vocal. Soundman in particular, plays all the right moves sonically while producing a scorcher you’ll play to boost your set. A decorated composer of film and TV, and hit maker for well over 10 years, what Soundman doesn’t know about exciting production and composition. truly isn’t worth knowing. His collaboration with his daughter shows off her sophistication. ‘A Way’ is a we the people’s, this is […]