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Of  all the Treaty’s this is the 1st and oldest of the laws of the land – Antonio 18/1/16 Treaty of Peace & Friendship 1787 Between Morocco and The United States To all persons to whom these presents shall come or be made known- WHEREAS the United States of America in Congress assembled by their Commission bearing date the twelfth day of May One Thousand, Seven- Hundred and Eighty-Four thought proper to constitute John Adams, Ben- jamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson their Ministers Plenipotentiary, giving to them or a Majority of them full powers to confer, treat & nego- tiate with the Ambassador, Minister or Commissioner of His Majesty the Emperor of Morocco concerning a Treaty of Amity and Commerce, to make & receive propositions for such Treaty and to conclude and sign the same, transmitting to the United States in Congress assembled for their final Ratification. And by one other commission […]

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ARMA man I sing, who was the first from the shores of Italy, of Troy, exiled by fate, came to the shores of the Lavinian, he was on land and sea by the mindful anger of cruel force of the gods; suffered much even in war, until he could found the city, and bring the gods to Latium, whence the Latin race and the Alban fathers and the walls of high Rome. Muse, tell me the reasons: what the power of the injured, for did the queen of the gods, a man marked by piety, so many crises, so many go to the labors of the motives. Are celestial minds? Was an ancient city, Tyrian colonists held it, Carthage, over against Italy and the Tiber ‘s mouths afar, rich in wealth and stern in war’ Which Juno is said above all other lands, holding Samos itself; Here were her arms, […]

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Definition of natural persons in Osborns Concise Law Dictionary Twelfth Edition: Human beings, as distinguished from artificial persons or corporations recognised by the law, e.g. companies.

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Definition of person in Osborn’s Concise Law Dictionary Twelfth Edition: The object of rights and duties; capable of having rights and of being liable to duties. Persons are of two kinds, natural and artificial. A natural person is a human being, an artificial person is a collection or succession of natural persons forming a corporation. “Individual” generally denotes a human being but, e.g. under the Consumer Credit Act 2006 s.1, individual “includes a partnership consisting of two or three persons not all of whom are bodies corporate; and (b) an unincorporated body of persons which does not consist entirely of bodies corporate and is not a partnership.